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Welcome to my blog

After examining a few different options for blogging software, I’ve decided to choose Wordpress as Papercut Software’s standard blogging tool.

It’s really feature packed and is easy to set up. The only downside at the moment is that you need a separate installation for each blog. That means that when I customise the style to match the website , I have to make those changes in all blogs. Hopefully true multi-blog support will be added eventually so I can avoid this duplication of effort.

The Worpress wiki explains how to setup multiple blogs to use the same MySQL database, so that’s what I’ve done.

We’re also in the process of evaluating products to enhance web site for PaperCut customers. We’re currently looking into a:

  1. Forums - to build a community of Papercut users, where questions can be asked and answer by both us and other users
  2. Knowledge Base - a searchable list of article, how to guides, FAQs, etc. We might use a wiki as a way to maintain the pages (and possibly even let users help out!)

The current contender for the forum is phpBB2 . For the knowledgebase/wiki I’m look at MediaWiki (which is the tool that drives the fantastic wikipedia ). It’s is really polished, but given that it’s focus is on building an encyclopedia, it might not meet our needs (i.e. user security, etc).

Maybe we’ll need a proper Content Management System instead? But maybe that’s overkill …