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PaperCut + EduGeek = Pi

It’s been less than two years since we released scripting as a PaperCut feature, and since then it has proven to be one of our geekiest and most powerful features. We here at PaperCut Software have seen some very clever print scripts used by system administrators, some of which have hit our funny bone.

One of our favorites saw the junior system administrator add a script that redirected every fifth job from the IT department to the Principal’s personal printer.  This lead to the Director of Technology’s Lady Gaga tickets being snapped up by the Principal’s personal assistant.

It is because of such excellent script-writing potential that we are excited to announce a creative script-writing competition for the EduGeek community!  While this is awesome enough, we accidentally ordered too many Raspberry Pi units recently, so we actually have some decent prizes!

Up for grabs; one Raspberry Pi with all the bells and whistles, two standard Raspberry Pi units with cases, and a few extra goodies to give away.  The winners will be decided based on simply how creative you can get with the functionality available to you in the PaperCut scripting API ( manual here ).  Bonus consideration for making us laugh.

If you want to check out more information, as well as two examples from PaperCut’s own Kent and Chris , check out our competition page and the EduGeek sticky thread.  Good luck!