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More Success

We were quite proud to be nominated as a finalist for the Australian Telstra Business Awards last year and it’s nice to see our software helping some of our customers win awards too.

Congratulations to Tim and the team at the University of Iowa for winning an Improving Our Workplace Award for their project to implement PaperCut. To use a quote from Tim:

I just wanted to let you know that PaperCut was a key component in our ITC Print Accounting team winning an IOWA (Improving Our Workplace) Award this past fall. Using the features in your product have allowed us to reduce our printing by about 3% per year vs. an anticipated 10-12% annual increase using our previous print accounting solution. In addition, we have opened up printing from wireless laptops, student dorm rooms, and off-campus locations with the use of release stations and client-based authentication, providing a much more convenient environment for our students, staff, and faculty. We’re looking forward to even more service enhancements with the new features available in PaperCut 9.

There is also a write up in The Daily Iowan . It’s nice to see some of our Environmental Impact figures making their way into people’s minds!

The deployment at University of Iowa is one of many very large deployments of PaperCut that were conducted through ‘08. Two other successful projects of note have been implementations at Miami Dade College (the largest college in the US with 260,000+ users!) and the region of Oslo in Norway that have deployed PaperCut on a single clustered server instance supporting almost 200 schools via a WAN. I hope to have some time next week to talk more about these larger projects as we’ve done some really cutting edge tech. work in the areas of clustering and asynchronous I/O to get scalability up to handle deployments of this size.

Oh! I also forgot to mention the team at Nevada State for their successful eco-aware implementation . Thanks to them for their comments about our friendly support too!


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