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Making Technology Simple

I’ve heard it said that great technology is a simple solution to a complex problem. That statement sounds compelling, but I think it actually sells technology short. So much of the technology that we use every day and even take for granted is in fact extremely complex and clever – but is successful because it comes with a user interface that we find simple and natural to use.

Our smart phones for example, are much richer and more capable than the old generation phones they replace but we actually find them easier to use. But the evolution in user interface that has made this possible has not simplified the underlying technology – quite the opposite.

When it comes to print management, PaperCut NG makes it all appear simple. Installation and configuration is straightforward and intuitive. In minutes you can have a PaperCut NG solution up and running, delivering benefits. But let me tell you, as a newcomer to PaperCut, there is a great deal more to print management than I ever thought possible!

My name is Geoff Smith and I’ve just recently joined the PaperCut team as a senior developer and team leader. I’ve worked for many years in the complex field of Internet Communications and print management is something I’ve always just taken for granted. But after delving into the code behind the tranquil green user interface it is clear that the PaperCut user experience has only been achieved through a sustained and committed effort by some very clever people.

The complexities are numerous and the solutions are well thought out and robust. The previous blog on EMF page level color control gives one small example – the painstaking and detailed work that must be done to bring you a feature you may not even notice but which helps make the overall solution run more smoothly and effectively.

I joined PaperCut because they are good at what they do. Each member of the team has something to teach me and it is a privilege to work with them. I’m looking forward to a great future.


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