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Alles klar!

A big hello to the world and PaperCut’s customers. As a new developer on the PaperCut team I am excited to be part of the new directions in which development of PaperCut’s Print Management Software is progressing. So many things to sort out on the first day! Where is the coffee? Where is the stationery supply cabinet? And where are the umlauts and accents on the keyboard?

Wait a minute, umlauts? That’s correct, I am looking forward to catering especially to our German- and French-speaking customers’ concerns. So please hold for these important messages:

Guten Tag! Ich freue mich, unseren deutschsprechenden Kunden als  direkter Ansprechpartner  im Team von PaperCut zur Verfügung zu stehen.

Bonjour à nos clients français et francophones. N’hésitez pas  de me contacter  avec vos besoins et soucis.

Stay tuned to this frequency for more news from myself in the upcoming weeks.