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A turning point – students now want PaperCut too!

One of the students at Colchester Royal Grammar School in the UK emailed me last week to fill me in on one of their recent projects – making their school greener . One component of the project addressed printing and they used PaperCut and its environmental impact feature to draw attention to consumption. You can read a little bit more about their project here . It’s been very easy to convince school administrators about the need for PaperCut, but it’s always an up-hill battle convincing students that there are good reasons to control their printing. It now looks like we have a new generation of students that actually are embracing PaperCut!

The website also has an interesting survey (XLS file). Almost 40% of respondents didn’t use double-sided duplex printing because it was “too awkward”. Another good reason to deploy PaperCut – so you can enforce duplex on all printers that support it!