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6-weeks early!

William My first son William arrived yesterday. Unlike our planning here at PaperCut which usually run a few weeks behind schedule, my first child has decided to buck the trend and run ahead of schedule. William weighed in at 1.795kb (just under 4 pounds) - very small but strong and healthy. Both Mother and baby are doing well and Dad is very proud.

William’s bound to be a “tech baby” and I’m sure will be writing computer code in a few years. I was meant to be presenting at the Australian Java User’s Group the night he arrived. He was obviously very keen to get out and attend (also thanks to Matt who stepped in and did the presentation for me). He’s first taste of technology was his photo being sent out to everyone a few minutes after his birth courtesy of a 3G iPhone!

I’m sure to have my hands full over the next months. Lots of time looking after baby and working on print control software between feeds!