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Switching between your desktop audio devices

Hands up if any of this sounds familiar: You’re at your desk. Your headset is plugged into your cell phone to play music. The desktop phone rings. You take off your headset to pick up the handset. Then someone calls on Skype. You unplug the headset from the cell phone and plug in into the […]

Brewing Beer: Why I Started With Grain

The programmers here at PaperCut all write print management software for a day job, but have varied and often somewhat eccentric hobbies out of hours. I’d like to share with you one of my recent discoveries: all-grain brewing. I’d hazard a guess that home brewers are disproportionately represented amongst all you techies and readers of […]

The Most Common Misspelling

The internet is a great place to laugh and poke fun at the grammatical abilities of its denizens. Not that I claim to be such an expert; I just enjoy the occasional entertainment at someone else’s expense. While some, like “you loose” and “your a …” are just plain annoying, there is the odd gem […]

Java Magic Trick: The Ball Is Everywhere

As keen Java programmers we’re always on the lookout for interesting tidbits about the language, how it is being used and where it is heading. Just the other day Matt brought in a copy of Java Puzzlers to test our knowledge. So it was something of a coincidence that the guys over at Atlassian came […]

Knowledge Base gets OpenSearch

If you were looking really hard while browsing our knowledge base recently, you might have noticed your Firefox search window glowing. You are using Firefox aren’t you? (get it here) Ok ok, if you’re stuck with IE7 you might have seen it as well. Anyway, the glowing search box is letting you know that there’s […]

Full Steam Ahead

Hello, world! I’m Tom, the latest addition to the PaperCut development team. Over the last month or so I’ve undergone a lightning induction into the world of programming at PaperCut and the many technologies used – Java, Tapestry, Hibernate, Spring, Jetty, JasperReports, Derby, PostgreSQL, Squid and many others, not to mention developing for Linux, Mac […]