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Women in tech: #IWD2022 podcast special

To celebrate International Women’s Day at PaperCut, we assembled an all-female panel for a special episode of our podcast, Print Geeks!

PaperCutter Tee is joined by Head of Talent in People Experience Laura White, Principal Product Engineer Shalini Sharma, and Associate Product Engineer Milindi Kodikara.

Secret Planter: regrowing a PaperCut tradition

Returning to the office after more than half a year in lockdown, I spotted a couple of personal plants on desks that sadly hadn’t survived Melbourne’s (most recent) 6th lockdown.

As sad as their dried and wilted leaves made me, it got me thinking about a pre-COVID tradition PaperCut started back in 2018 called Secret Planter.

3 inspiring female pioneers of coding

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, I thought what a great excuse to find out more about some of the brilliant women who were pioneers in the world of coding.

It’s our pleasure to highlight the accomplishments of three phenomenal female coders whose work made significant contributions in what was a fledgling field when they started.