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4 tips for great customer-facing conversations

I’ve been with PaperCut Software for just over 6 years, as part of the Customer Care team. It’s my job to help prospective customers find the right solution for their print environment.

During my tenure, I’ve picked up some things over the years. Hopefully, they can help you have a great conversation, where both parties leave feeling engaged and accomplished.

Keeping Portland weird and clean with SOLVE

The Portland office staff have all been working from home since March 2020. During that time the city of Portland has gone through quite a bit to say the least.

Recently a few Portland PaperCutters raised our hands to give back to our community in some way with SOLVE.

The day I discovered HITRUST

“Never a Dull Moment” (#NADM) is a blog series about the life and times (ok, mainly the times) of Americas Presales Specialist Tanner Dull.

I love talking to PaperCut callers about their print problems. One such caller wanted to solve a problem in her medical business. She mentioned HITRUST, a term I’d not encountered before. Here’s what happened …