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Scale up, but don’t skimp

I recently helped out one of our biggest corporate customers to resolve issues with their print server. During the last week of the financial year (when printing load is the highest) their print server became overloaded and stopped working. This sounds bad, but we quickly got things working smoothly again and learned that PaperCut scales incredibly […]

We’re hiring again! This time for a developer

Last week we released PaperCut 10.0 with the much requested “Printer Groups” feature. But we’re not standing still. All our developers are working hard to implement the new ideas that you’ve been asking for. As you can see from our release history the product continues to improve with each release. But we want to do […]

Developing software for the world

Here at PaperCut we develop software that’s used in every region of the world. Most of our customers are in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Brazil and China. However there are thousands of customers in more exotic locations. We have customers located throughout the depths of Africa, the middle east, the channel islands, and even a […]

We’re finalists in the Telstra Business Awards

We’re very proud to announce that we’ve been made state finalists in the Telstra Business Awards 2008. It’s a great honor be a finalist amongst so many other great companies in the country’s most prestigious business awards. It is recognition of all the hard work the PaperCut team has put into developing a great printer […]

Support case study: Optimizing the account selection popup

When we’re not working on new features, we’re often working on improving PaperCut to ensure it works well in a large variety of situations.  Sometimes customers use PaperCut in ways we never intended, or encounter scenarios which we never envisioned.  We take pride in listening to our customer experiences, and making improvements to ensure we […]

Want to be notified of new releases?

We often get requests from customers that want to be notified when we release new versions. They want to run the latest version to take advantage of all the new features (without having to check our web site every week). So today I added news feeds to the website to notify you as soon as […]

Updated Net Control module (Build 4006)

I’ve just uploaded another build of the Net Control module. This release includes a number of changes: Add “enable/disable user net usage” option to the bulk user action page, so this setting can be set on users in bulk. Add support for the MS ISA Server log format, in addition to the preferred W3C log […]

Updated Net Control module (Build 3909)

I’ve just uploaded another build of the Net Control module. This release includes the following changes: All the changes included in the most recent public release of PaperCut NG 6.2. For more information see the release history page. Other small fixes. You can download the latest release (Build 3909) from the Net Control module testing […]

Updated Net Control module (Build 3868)

I’ve just uploaded another build with a few small fixes and changes, including: Allow the internal admin password to be changed from within the user interface (on the Options->Advanced) tab. In the Internet Usage logs screens, allow the results to be sorted by the “MB received (ex cached)” column. Fix error that can occur when […]

Updated Net Control module (Build 3853)

Just touching base to let you know that we’ve released a new build that includes a number of changes (a number as a result of feedback from our testers). The testing has been going well. We’ve had no reports of any major problems. Most of the comments have been about feature suggestions or usability suggestions. […]

Minor update for Net Control module for Windows

We just released an updated Windows build of the Net Control release that includes a fix for using domain groups when PaperCut is running on a member server. The problem was that PaperCut was only listing local groups in the setup wizard, so domain groups could not be used. If you were running PaperCut on […]

PaperCut NG 6.1 released!

Wow, it’s been a very long time since my last post… I am alive! 🙂 We’ve been really busy over the past few months making PaperCut NG even better, and just released version 6.1. It adds a number of often requested features like LDAP, but some of the best improvements have been under the covers […]

Installing and configuring SquidNT

It’s been a while since my last blog … so I thought I’d make do an update on my series about configuring Squid proxy. This time I’m going to concentrate on SquidNT, which is a version of Squid compiled for Windows, that come with some useful helpers to allow authentication with Windows and Active Directory. […]

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