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Why I prescribe managed print services for healthcare

The more time I spend with hospitals and healthcare professionals, the more opportunities I see for print providers to offer a unique, timesaving, stress-reducing service that supports these vital institutions.

I think I can sum up some MPS best practices for healthcare using PaperCut in five considerations.

To compliance and beyond: PaperCut in the healthcare sector

Healthcare is crucial to our wellbeing, whether we’re treating complaints or simply striving to stay healthy.

It also presents an incredible opportunity to innovate and find new ways to add value in technology, infrastructure, and workflow.

With a complex web of tech vendors, admins, and healthcare workers to support, how can PaperCut make a difference?

A few key lessons learned

It might be eye-opening for some of you to hear what goes on behind the scenes at PaperCut Software. My name is Mathew Buttrey and I have joined the PaperCut team as Channel Manager. In particular you might like to know what it’s like to start employment at PaperCut. Coming from large organizations with strong […]