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How to print after Google Chrome Apps End-of-Life

Google officially announced the discontinuation of support for Chrome Apps in January 2020.

However, PaperCut users should have no fear. We have a Chrome extension on the way and the PaperCut Chrome app will continue to work until it’s available. 

PaperCut “grows” with version 22.0

PaperCut “grows” sustainable printing in version 22.0.

Improved accessibility, enhanced admin login page, scanning, compression options, and the arrival of our Forest Positive printing program, PaperCut Grows.

Security patching explained: software updates demystified

Bugs happen in software. We don’t want them to, but they do.

PaperCut is dedicated to ensuring the security of our customers’ data and systems. So, when vulnerabilities occur, we’re quick-smart to develop patches and then spread the good word about needing to update ASAP.

But despite best intentions, security comms usually contain a bunch of buzzwords and jargon. I wanted to break down what some of these terms mean.