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What is Web Print and how does it work?

Web print, internet print, browser print… Whatever you want to call it. You’re trying to do the same thing. You want to print from an internet page.

There are multiple software options that enable web browser printing if it’s not currently working for you.

What is cloud print?

What is cloud print is a simple question. But the answer is a little complicated.

Are you searching for print enablement over the internet? Or are you looking for print management in the cloud?

Or even both?

Sysadmin vs CEO: who wins? #SysadminDay2022

Who’s more important to a business? The CEO or the Sysadmin (System Administrator)?

To answer that hard-hitting question, and to celebrate System Administrator Appreciation Day 2022, I spoke to PaperCut CEO, co-founder, and former Sysadmin, Chris Dance on the Print Geeks podcast.

What is print management?

There’s more to printing than dots on a page. IT workers need to manage devices, print output, costs, information security, and end-user printing behaviors.

Print management is the business practice of monitoring and tracking printing. 

Print Geeks 021 | Print management vs print enablement

It’s about time we stepped back and addressed a simple question: what is the difference between print management and print enablement? And just in case, what is print management and print enablement, anyway?

PaperCutter veteran of 12 years, product manager Jason Clarke, delves into this question and taps into his former life as a SysAdmin to provide the answer.

What is Print Nightmare? The Windows Print Spooler exploit explained

When is printing not a nightmare? Many SysAdmins and IT teams struggle with printers daily. But this particular Windows Print Spooler vulnerability causes a lot of bad dreams. 

It’s an exploit that means a domain user (once they’ve been authenticated against the remote system) can remotely run code on a Microsoft Windows system as the local SYSTEM user. 

Printer Spooling: what is it and how to fix it?

You’ve hit print, but you arrive at the printer to see no printout. You walk back to your computer and check the status of the print job. The print queue shows your stuck job with a status of either “Printing” or “Paused – Spooling”. 

Think of print spoolers like third base coaches in baseball. I know right, printers and baseball, could I make this more exciting?

Print Geeks 019 | The history of Managed Print Services (MPS)

In this episode, I’m joined by our Product Manager, Matt Coad. He taps into his 12+ years of experience in the print industry to teach class on the history of Managed Print Services (MPS).

If you enjoy this chat, do we have exciting news for you! This is the first entry of a little series on MPS we’ll be doing on Print Geeks over the following months.

Managed Print Services 2.0: the role of post-pandemic MPS

Post-pandemic lowered print volumes might have you thinking, “Do I need managed print services now that my workplace has adopted a hybrid working philosophy?”

As business printing morphs, MPS is evolving with modern workplaces to continue providing value-added services.

4 ways to solve all library printing problems

Lots of people print at the library – it’s a haven for guest printing.

Library end-users are transient and short term, so sysadmins need to enable easy BYOD printing while recovering costs.

There’s 4 main problems for library printing, and PaperCut has solutions for all of them.

8 takeaways from PaperCut Partner Summit 2022

With the excitement of our first PaperCut Partner Summit fresh in my mind, I offer my 8 key takeaways from this partner only virtual event.

We’d like to thank all our partners in all our regions who attended. We’d also like to thank everyone involved for a great event!

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