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PaperCut Version 10.5 Released

It’s been two months since our last release. One of the longest gaps we’ve had between releases for a long while. This is however to be expected as this is our largest release yet! It’s also one of our most innovative, pushing new ideas and concepts. This release contains many big ticket items voted for […]

Quick update on pending 10.5 release

We’ve recently had a few people contact us via Twitter and email asking about the 10.5 release. We’re running a little late behind schedule, however this is for good reason. This is likely to be our largest release in terms of features yet. Hence testing and feature finalization is taking a little longer than expected. […]

What does print management have to do with coffee?

The regular readers of our blog will have noticed a few off-topic posts slipping in from time to time. The common theme is coffee and beer. As a group of passionate computer programmers and tech geeks it’s no surprise that we have developed a strong corporate coffee culture. Coffee is our secret weapon! Over the […]

Welcome to our new website

For the past month Tom and I have been quietly working away on our new website. It was satisfying to push it live today (Sunday night US time). The new site is quite a change for us. It’s the first time we’ve used an external designer. Here are a few screen-shots showing how our site […]

Where is Benin?

We’re working on a new website design at the moment and I’ve been crafting some new content for the home page. We’ve always proclaimed that PaperCut is in use in over 60 countries, but this was based on figures back in 2006. I was wondering if we’d added any more to the list over the […]

Around the net

As you all can tell from reading our blog, PaperCut is very much an engineering driven organization. What does this mean? Well, in short, our company is stacked full of engineers and computer geeks! We love computers, love programming, and love working with smart customers. Our engineering team (as opposed to a marketing team) controls […]

Novell Brainshare

I’ve just arrived back from the USA where I spent a week at the Novell Brainshare conference – Novell being the newest platform PaperCut supports. As the main Linux & Novell developer I had the task of tripping over to Salt Lake City in the USA and manning the PaperCut stand. Rick also joined me […]

20 languages – Russian the latest

Well done to Dennis and his team from Latvia. PaperCut is now available in the Russian language. This brings PaperCut now to 20 languages with a few more on the way. This was our first language using the Cyrillic alphabet. We had to overcome a few issues with the PDF reports, however the process generally […]

Mercy Ships

Back in 2001 we received an order from Mercy Ships. After an online search into “Mercy Ships” it was decided it would be a nice gesture to give them PaperCut as a donation. How thrilled we were at PaperCut to receive a letter this week by regular post.

PaperCut is now set in poetry

We were amazed a few weeks ago when a customer from Germany emailed to inquire about an upgrade from version 1.0. Wow! We emailed back asking them to confirm. “Are you sure you’re running version 1? That’s almost 10 years old!” Sure enough the customer was correct. They were customer number 47 and purchased and […]

Support feedback in real-time

This blog post continues to focus on our support quality and builds on the graphs and analysis from my post two weeks ago. This time however, the graphs are not static but updates in real-time! Read on for the exciting details. Offering good support is a balancing act – a compromise. How much developer time […]

Election Time

We’ve just rolled a new “Vote for a Feature” survey form. This is your chance as a PaperCut user to influence our development priority and ensure your most demanded features are pushed to the top. To vote, log into PaperCut as an admin user, click on the About tab and under Application News, click Vote […]

We like graphs…

Rick, our first USA based member of the team started with us late last year. One of our goals was to ensure we had someone during US business hours to help speed up response times for customers in North America. We’ve recently run the stats across our support system and it’s great to see some […]